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is a high quality specialty green coffee company that produces specialty coffee from some of the most distinct coffee plantations in Yemen. We work closely with farmers in the country and carry their coffee to international markets.

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Mokha King was named after Mocha Port in Yemen, which is on the coast of the Red Sea. Mocha Port was the main coffee market (Coffea Arabica) from the 15th century until the beginning of the 18th century. The coffee itself did not grow in Mocha, but was transported from the countryside to the port of Mocha, from where it conquered the world and was shipped abroad.

100 % Yemen Coffee


The policy of buying only dried cherries by our partners ensures that Mocha Coffee consists of 100% authentic Yemeni coffee. Yemeni farmers preserve a coffee industry that dates back to ancient times, to turn beans from the mountains of Yemen into coffee served in the best and trendy coffee shops around the globe.


The company's slogan "Keeping it Classic" is derived from the passion and the need to keep traditional methods of organic farming alive. Mokha King focuses on authenticity and avoids job insecurity (ten cents), moving away from outdated B2C relationships and incorporating H2H (Human-Human) interaction.


Still grown with traditional agricultural methods, Mocha coffee is planted, harvested and classified manually; and sun-dried on the roofs to preserve the best of nature.


Modern hull equipment and careful cleaning offer uniform grains of uniform size, free from defects and impurities, ensuring a consistent roast that results in a rich and healthy flavor.

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Keeping it classic


The operation crew has experience in the development of coffee planting, collection, sorting, processing and logistics projects, which establish true, rewarding and sustainable relationship between local farmers and coffee lovers.

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“My mission is to bring back the glory of Yemen's coffee and carry this fantastic and historically unique drink to people all over the world, that is, to enable other people to experience what I know to be the best coffee on the planet. Experience the unique taste and quality of Yemeni coffee, thanks to the talent and heart of Yemeni farmers. A drink made by people, soil and history.


Our associates and crew managers carry out hands-on supervision of all stages of the coffee production to ensure the best standard and quality of the final product provided to the people”.

 - Founder, Hudaifa Tayeb

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Mokha King Coffee - CA (Headquarters)

Mississauge, ON, Canada

Write us: Talk to us: +1 647 640 6615 

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Mokha King Coffee - UAE

Dubai, UAE 

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Mokha King Coffee - YE

Sana’a, Yemen

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